An OPEN LETTER to those missing out
                                     on the 2017 Amazon Herping Trip

A possible Second 2017 Amazon Herping Trip to be opened for booking.

 As many of our friends know, this year’s Amazon Herp Trip has filled while we still have people wishing they could get on board. The limiting factor is the number of rooms available at the smallest lodge we will visit. We have utilized all those rooms.

 Tom, Dante and Bill have all agreed to stay another week for a second Herping Trip, if we can get enough people to meet or surpass the 10 person minimum we must have to operate a second trip.

So, we are going to give it a shot and see if enough of you that have expressed regrets that the first trip is full can pull together to make a second trip a reality.

 The second trip will be as the first, same lodges, same herping opportunities, but maybe in a slightly different order.

 Dates will be September 23 - October 1, 2017

 Cost will be the same...
PRICE per person in DOUBLE accommodation with minimum of 10 people:

          10 - 12 people @ $2160 each
          13 - 14 people @ $2025 each
          15 + people @ $1895 each

 Price for each individual will be based upon the TOTAL number participating in the tour as shown above.

 Single Supplement: +$200

 NOTE to Single Travelers: If you would rather NOT lodge in SINGLE accommodations, it may be possible to share a room with another Single Traveler. This option is subject to availability. Please request.

 Flights are NOT included in the price.


We have a window of 30 days to make this second trip a reality.  By July 1 we must pay deposits to the lodges, so we need to have a minimum of 10 people booked for the second trip by June 30.

 How this will work:  A DEPOSIT of $200 is required to even get your name on the list to participate. PLEASE, only serious inquiries. We will treat an inquiry as serious by taking a deposit. With only a few weeks to make the minimum number to operate, the sooner you get your name on the list and pay your deposit... the better. No names can go on the list without a deposit.

 By June 30 we will either have 10 or more people and operate the trip, or if we do not meet the minimum, we will refund everyone’s deposit in full early in July.

 Once you have paid your deposit and got confirmation that your name is on the list, DO NOT purchase any flights yet. We need to reach the 10 person minimum before we can give you the go-ahead to purchase flights.

 Call 970-884-6107 or email to pay your deposit and join Tom, Dante and Bill in the Amazon.

 This is a yearly trip for Tom, Dante and Bill. If you’re not sure you can make the second trip this year, you will have another opportunity to join them next year.