Rio Tigre Amazon Riverboat Cruise

Just north of the Pacaya-Samria Reserve, above the Rio Marañon, is a region of remote rainforest drained by the legendary Rio Tigre (Jaguar River) and its many tributaries. Vast areas of this region have not seen an “outsider” within the memory of the current indigenous inhabitants. GreenTracks has explored this region for many years and we continue to probe deeper in search of its secrets.

The Rio Tigre enters the Rio Marañón not far above above the juncture of the Rio Ucayali and Rio Marañón - the joining of which form the Amazon River proper. It flows from the Northwest, originating in Ecuador.

An interesting tributary of the Rio Tigre is the Rio Nahuapa, a beautiful, blackwater stream that enters the Tigre near its juncture with the Marañón. Here we can encounter monkeys, parrots, macaws, a host of other wildlife. The Nahuapa also is an excellent place to observe bromeliads and orchids. We'll hike in the rainforest along the lower Nahuapa, experiencing the world’s greatest wilderness up-close. We'll take a leisurely stroll and look at plant and animal oddities along the way. This is a great opportunity for photography. We'll see some truly gigantic forest trees, complete with twisting lianas, aerial termite nests, and a host of other novel flora and fauna.

Quebrada Ungurahue, a beautiful stream near to the village of MonteVerde is a place where we can observe monkeys, blue-and-yellow macaws, and perhaps a sloth or two. This is a good place to explore by night...we'll grab our flashlights and board the aluminum boats for an unforgettable night ride along the creek in search of owls, potoos (really weird birds), and caimans. Also while at MonteVerde, we will visit the community and you may find some typical local handicrafts for sale or trade.

We will stop at a huge oxbow lake called Avispas Cocha (Wasp Lake), we'll again board boats and head into the lake to see Horned Screamers (really weird birds) and Hoatzins (even weirder birds).

We'll hike the rainforest by both by day and night..Yes, that’s right....after dark, flashlights in-hand, we'll head slowly down a rainforest trail and gaze in amazement at the wonderful creatures on display. The forest comes alive at night and one can see everything from bizarre katydids to sleeping birds and butterflies. Night walks are among the most unusual and unforgettable ways to appreciate the tropics...and a GreenTracks specialty.

One daytime hike we always are able to do is at a place called “La Muda” where we'll walk in high forest. This is a botanical wonderland of huge buttressed trees and interesting ferns. This forest is a paradise, complete with brilliantly colored poison frogs, jumping about like tiny jewels on the trail.