Rio Amazonas Amazon Cruise

The Historic Boat Museum in collaboration with the Indigenous Cultures Museum in Iquitos, Peru offer 5 day Amazon riverboat cruises on the historic Rio Amazonas at affordable prices.

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Experience the Amazon, its rivers, forests, wildlife, cultures and history on a journey that navigates up the Marañon River along the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. The Rio Amazonas has been restored back to her Victorian charm, creating a wonderful combination of historic atmosphere and comfortable facilities. She is part of the Historic Boat Museum fleet in Iquitos, Peru.

Rio Amazonas



The Rio Amazonas was built on the River Clyde, Scotland by Murdoch & Murray in 1899 as a rubber transport steamship for the Amazon. The Rio Amazonas was commissioned by the firm Miranda & Co. of Belem do Para, which is the city located at the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil. In 1907 she was bought by Braga Sobrinho & Cie and named Braga Sobrinho.

Braga Sobrinho

Adolfo Morey Arias, one of the most successful rubber barons on the upper Amazon purchased her in 1936, changed her name to Arias, and brought the ship up to Iquitos, Peru. The Arias navigated the route from Iquitos to Belem as a cargo and passenger ship travelling over 2,000 miles to the mouth of the Amazon.


In the early 1980’s the Arias was converted to a tourist boat and her name was changed to Rio Amazonas. The Rio Amazonas was one of the largest riverboats on the Peruvian Amazon measuring 44 m long and 9 m wide. The ship was converted from steam to diesel in the 1970’s and purchased by AmazonEco in 2010 as a research ship. Last year the Rio Amazonas joined the Historic Boat Museum fleet as a navigating ship travelling to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.




All cabins on this Victorian period style historic riverboat have river-view windows and are fitted with air-conditioning, a desk, wardrobe and private bathrooms, 10 with hot-water showers. The public areas include a dining hall used for meals, lectures and films, an upper-deck bar and a comfortable library with a selection of classic books on Amazonia and its history.

Rio Amazonas Dining Room
Rio Amazonas Library Rio Amazonas Bar
Rio Amazonas Cabin Rio Amazonas Bath


This five-day river cruise will give you a unique Amazon experience that combines relaxed travel on historic boats, wildlife and wilderness experience in rain forests and rivers, and indigenous Amazon village visits where local cultures live intertwined with the rainforest. Staff form the Museum will accompany the trip. The Museum has projects on rainforest conservation, wildlife ecology, sustainable resource use, indigenous cultures, rubber era history and archeology.

Rio Amazonas

Boarding the Rio Amazonas in the town of Nauta, situated near the confluence of the Amazon River, the focus of the journey will be the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, a great place to experience the scenery, waterways, forests, wildlife and people in the company of naturalist guides and Museum staff.

Museum staff will guide you on excursions, which include morning and evening bird-watching, treks in the rainforest, fishing, observing pink river dolphins, searching for caimans, visiting local Cocama Indian community and an archeological site, tapping rubber at an old rubber tappers house, and canoeing in traditional dugouts. Pre and post extensions include a night at the Casa Morey Hotel and guided tours of the Amazon Historic Boat Museum in Iquitos.

Late afternoon “tea time” on board... take your tea with cake as the forests slip past, or sip your Pisco Sour in the Sunset Bar, before enjoying a buffet meal of international and Peruvian cuisine in the large dining room.

Rio Amazonas


Day 1
11 am - Transfer to Nauta by air-conditioned charted bus. Two hours. Welcome talk.
12 pm - Board Historic boat, Depart, Cruise up the Marañon River. Introduction to boat and the Amazon.
1 - 2 pm - Buffet Lunch.
4 - 5 pm - Afternoon Tea, Meeting other passengers and crew.
5 - 7 pm - Sunset observations. Relax.
7 - 8 pm - Buffet dinner.

Day 2
6 - 8 am - Cruise up the Marañon River, bird watching and sightseeing with naturalist guide.
8 - 9 am - Buffet Breakfast.
10 - 12 am - View wildlife and river life along the Marañon. Talk on Pacaya Samiria by experienced naturalist.
1 – 2 pm - Buffet lunch.
3 - 5 pm - Arrive at the mouth of the Samiria River in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.
7 – 8 pm - Buffet dinner.
9 – 11 pm - Searching for caimans and nocturnal wildlife from auxiliary boat with wildlife specialist.

Day 3
6 - 8 am - Morning bird and dolphin watching from auxiliary boat, enjoy the tropical sunrise.
8 - 9 am - Buffet Breakfast.
10 - 1pm - Visit to the rubber grove, tap rubber and visit nearby forests.
1 – 2 pm - Buffet lunch.
3 - 5 pm - Fishing excursions with local fishermen.
7 – 8 pm - Buffet dinner.
9 – 11 pm - Searching for caimans and nocturnal wildlife from auxiliary boat with wildlife specialist.

Day 4
6 - 9 am - Buffet Breakfast.
7 - 11 am - Treks in the forest with wildlife biologists.
1 – 2 pm - Buffet lunch.
3 - 5 pm - Visit local Cocama indigenous village, meet the people, learn their culture and dances.
6 pm - Depart Samiria River.

Day 5
6 - 9 am - Morning bird watching from deck with our team
12 - 1 pm - Buffet Lunch and farewells to our crew.
1 pm - Arrive at Nauta and depart on air-conditioned charted bus for Iquitos.
3 pm - Arrive Iquitos to Airport or Hotel.