Amazon Riverboat Cruise - 7 Day

A journey deep into the rainforest on
an historic Rubber Boom era riverboat to
help monitor endangered Amazonian wildlife.

Ayapua Amazon RiverboatIf you want a more intimate experience of the Amazon and deeper insights about the land, the cultures and the animals, this is your golden opportunity. You can also help rare species and endangered habitats. On this riverboat program you will spend time in the wild with pink river dolphins, macaws, monkeys, and caimans as a part of on-going research project monitoring endangered wildlife. The location is a great one: deep within Peru’s Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve in a zone of restricted access. Simply put, it is one of the least visited and most beautiful parts of the Amazon Basin. The objective is a clear one: monitoring the populations of baseline indicator species to help identify the impacts of human (both indigenous and outsider) activities in the reserve. The opportunity is to make a major contribution towards protecting wildlife of the rainforest.

Your home will be a 108 ft. riverboat hailing from the Rubber Era and meticulously restored to reflect the architecture of that period. The boat is air-conditioned and features private cabins. It is the only ship from the Rubber Boom remaining in the Amazon. Boarding this beautiful boat is like walking onto a movie set - even though it has all of the modern comforts, including e-mail, a movie room, and a library - with the perfect look of the late 19th Century, right down to the (working) Victrolas!

You will work with expert biologists surveying pink and gray dolphins, macaws (their flyovers can be spectacular), monkeys (you'll usually hear them before you see them), and other mammals, by small boats and hiking forest trails. There will be trips to spot and count caimans, whose glowing eyes blaze orange by flashlight. GreenTracks’ own experts will offer night hikes for those who want to see and photograph the secrets of the rainforest. The food is excellent and everyone enjoys the unforgettable pleasures of Peruvian hospitality. And then there is the forest itself: a world of so many shades of green one cannot count them, part of a wilderness over 55 million years old.

     About your assistance with the Study Project

Rio Samiria UakariAssessing the health of an ecosystem like the Amazon is difficult because it is hard to see some of the animal species and detect changes to their population. We use conspicuous indicator species such as pink dolphins which leave when fish are scarce, or macaws which leave when fruits and nuts are in short supply. These animals are easy to observe and count and your assistance with this process allows biologists to detect changes in the habitat. You do not need to be a trained scientist to be a big help! What’s more, the animal monitoring takes place in shifts at all times of day and early evening so you can participate as little or as much as you please. Presentations by the scientists working on the project will answer your questions. Additionally, our expert guides will be with you to help spot and identify other kinds of wildlife. Better bring your camera because this is the photo opportunity of a lifetime! You will also witness ongoing work with local people in order to help them keep their use of fishes and wildlife at sustainable levels.

This is your best opportunity to see the magic of the rainforest and the Amazon River, be a part of some of the most vital work going on in one of the most exciting places on earth, with a company that is known world-wide for it's intimate knowledge of this exotic land. You will have the Amazon Riverboat experience of a lifetime.

Most GreenTracks Riverboat Expeditions travel to one of three regions we are currently exploring. These are the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve, the Rio Tigre and the Rio Tapiche. Other destinations are occasionally explored. No matter what the destination of your Riverboat Expedition, you are assured a high quality experience of the "real" Amazon.

Riverboat Expedition is $2950 in DOUBLE occupancy.
SINGLE supplement is $500
Children age 6 - 16 discounted $200 off DOUBLE occupancy rate.
Does not include airfare to the departure city.
See departure dates below.

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