Amazon Frontier River Expedition

This tour is no longer offered.
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A small-boat expedition trip into remote regions to visit
indigenous peoples.

A custom trip on a small boat, takes you into seldom visited regions of the Amazon rainforest, with the purpose of experiencing indigenous culture. These trips can be of one week to several weeks duration. Shimacu HouseWe will organize a trip to fit your schedule.

The Urarina livelihood consists of farming small garden plots called “chacras”, fishing and hunting. They live in rainforest that is still mostly virgin and the only logging is of select trees cut by hand with no machinery involved. Their main source of carbohydrates are rice, plantains and yuca. Their main source of protein is meat: monkey, paca and peccary... hunted by blowgun or shotgun. Their favorite drink is masato made of fermented yuca. The woman still dress in the traditional manner of their ancestors, but the men now wear short sleeve shirts and pants/shorts that they obtain from lumber traders that visit the region. The traders will only pay them for the trees they sell off their land in goods such as clothing, soap, kerosene, shotgun shells, etc. The Urarina have little use for money.

This is NOT a trip suitable for everyone. As with all GreenTracks tours, we require an application from each person desiring to participate and a phone call interview to determine your eligibility for this trip. Due to the remote areas traveled, the primitive conditions and the cautious and reserved nature of the local peoples we visit, certain activities and behaviors may be inappropriate and not allowed.

A list of required gear and recommendations pertinent to this trip will be provided to you upon acceptance of your application and receipt of your deposit.

  # Travelers - Price per person
Length of Trip 1 2 3 4 5
8 Days / 7 Nights $6,552 $4,338 $3,892 $3,607 $3,510
15 Days / 14 Nights $10,364 $6,651 $5,892 $5,294 $5,010
22 Days / 21 Nights $14,677 $9,401 $8,455 $7,607 $7,448

INCLUDES: Greeting upon arrival to Iquitos. Private transfer from Iquitos to Nauta. Speedboat transfer to Ollanta. Frontier River Expedition. Return transfers by speedboat and bus to Iquitos. Transfer to Iquitos airport.

Recommended: One day/night in Iquitos before the Frontier Trip. One night in Iquitos after the Frontier Trip.

It is possible to use of a floatplane to transfer you from Iquitos to the expedition boat in Ollanta and back at the end of the trip. The cost of the floatplane is not included in the above prices. Estimate is $3640 for the round trip charter flights. This is price per plane, not per person. The plane only holds up to 726 lbs of people and gear, possibly only 3 people. We would back-out the price of private car/bus and speed-boat from the above prices. The car/bus and speed-boat is far less expensive.

Please call 1-800-892-1035 for further information.